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162-LED MultiColor SportsBike Accent Light Kit – “The BEST for SportsBikes”

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This 162-LED Multi-Color Ultra-Bright SportsBike Accent Light Kit is the BEST SportsBike Kit at the LOWEST PRICE in the market. Plus FREE Shipping – 30-Day Money Back Return Policy –  Life-Time Guarantee – 100% Technical Support

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“Smokin’ Joe Eagle Motorcycle LED Accent Lights”

presents the

162-LED Multi-Color SportsBike Accent Light Kit – Top Rated

All my Kits are Ultra-Bright LEDs that use the 5050 LED light strips which is the latest LED technology. This is substantial, like 30% more brighter than the other companies that are still selling the old style LED light strips. Plus, added attraction, this strip is very narrow, only 8mm (.313 inch wide), not 10mm or 12mm like all the rest. Yes, a narrow strip, like my 8mm wide Strip, can be hidden in very small places on your bike and being brighter will give an explosion of light like you have never seen. I believe in this product so much that I give you a guarantee that is good for as long as you own it. Something doesn’t work just return it for replacement. You get the highest quality, brightest LEDs, lowest price and comes with a full lifetime guarantee. Do not be fooled by overpriced imitations…

I consider this 162-LED Multi-Color SportsBike Accent Light Kit as the BEST SportsBike Kit in the market. You want to have a 9-LED strip attached to an opening of the plastic flaring in such a way that it will shoot light out of this opening of your flaring. Keep in mind if you place one in a certain opening on the right side place another in the same location on the left side. Keep it balanced on the right and left. Since you must remove your flarings from time to time make sure you connect each strip to an extension wire. When you want to remove your flarings just disconnect the strip from the extension wire leaving the strip secured to your flarings. The two 9-LED Strips with the 6-foot Extension Wire is to be installed shinning into the right and left side of the front wheel. A very important part of this kit is the Road Coverage Kit (see photo above). Enclosed are two strips of 27-LEDs each that are placed on the bottom frame shinning out to the Right and Left side at a 45-degree angle. Must be placed on the frame on a 45-degree angle (most important). Follow my Installation Instructions,  and I am sure you will be very happy with the results. Any questions you may have about installation please contact me, I am always happy to help. I am available to help you with your installation, just a phone call away. I have done thousands of installs and hope to do many thousands more.


This Kit is four (4) Kits in one… 1) This Multi-Color Remote Control System is my work-horse it has seven (7) different colors with an infinite number of strobe and flashing functions and oh yes, apply your brakes and all the LEDs will come on… 2) A Body Kit of 72-LEDs, 3) A Road Coverage Kit of 54-LEDs, and 4) A Front-Rear Wheel Kit of 36-LEDs. Again, follow my Installation Instructions for really, really great motorcycle accent light effects that will make your bike shine. This Kit can support over 1,000 LEDs so of course, this kit is fully expandable. If you want to add more LED strips to this kit there is no problem now or in the future.

You do not have to buy any connectors or extension wires to install this kit. This kit comes complete. All my Kits come with more than enough extension wires and everything else you need for an easy installation. Each strip comes complete with 3-M adhesive tape on the reverse of the strip and quick connectors for easy installation. You will note that the list of supplies includes more than enough extension wires of various lengths, “Y” Connectors, 1 to 5 Connectors, 75% Alcohol Wipes to help clean the strip location, Automotive Adhesive Promoter Primer Wipes to help the strip stick better, Silicone Sealant used to seal any strip you cut, on and on… Please see the Packing List below for a complete list of all supplies… You do not have to purchase more extension wires or other supplies to install this Kit. Everything is included.
You get more at a lower price with a Life-Time Guarantee…

2pcs 27-LED Strips
10pcs 9-LED Strips w/6 inch Connection Wire
2pcs 9-LED Strips w/6 feet Connection Wire
1pc “Work Horse” 16-Function Remote Control w/ two Key FOBs
Alcohol Wipes, Adhesive Primer Wipes, Silicone Sealant,
plus more connector wires than you will need…
Again, you get the highest quality, brightest LEDs, lowest price and comes with a full lifetime guarantee. Do not be fooled by overpriced imitations.



Within the USA including Alaska/Hawaii Shipping is FREE… No cost to the BUYER… APO/FPO Military addresses FREE Shipping… PLUS all APO/FPO Military addresses get a 5% “Thank You for your service” Discount.



 All my products have a full no mumbo-jumbo LIFETIME guarantee to the original Buyer… Something breaks, a LED burns out, something doesn’t work, etc… Just return the item not working alone with your name, address and approximate date of purchase and it will be replaced… I do not warranty collisions and vandalism.



You don’t like my Kit, or made a mistake when you ordered and want to make a Return? I have a simple Return Policy: You got 30-days to make a return and get your money back… Must be returned in original packaging and boxes… Once your return is inspected your purchase price is refunded.


Installation Instructions:

Follow my Installation Instructions and you will be proud of the end results. And never forget, my name is Joe, I am the owner of the company and I am here for you? You have a question about this kit before you purchase or need help with the installation after you purchase just give me a call (my contact information is below). When you call you will get me, the owner, on the phone. Installing the 162-LED Multi-Color SportsBike Accent Light Kit is not a difficult task. Just follow the instructions…

You must install this 162-LED Multi-Color SportsBike Accent Light Kit in the following order:

1. 16-Function Wireless Multi-Color Remote Control
2. 72-LED Body Multi-Color Accent Light Kit
3. 54-LED Road Coverage Multi-Color Accent Light Kit
4. 36-LED Front-Rear Wheel Multi-Color Accent Light Kit
You have a question about my products or need help with the installation please contact me… I am very happy to help. You may contact me at 561-319-7300. Give me a call. I am on East Coast Time so use your own judgment about calling too early or too late.


Contact Information:
Phone: 561-319-7300
Toll Free:
833-9-NIGHT-9 (833-964-4489)
855-9-LIGHT-9 (855-954-4489)

Installation Instructions

Main Box Instructions 162-LED Kit 01-2019

RGB Remote Control Instruction 01-2019

72-LED SportsBike Body Kit Install Instruction 162-LED Kit 01-2019

Install The 54-LED RGB Road Coverage Kit 207-LED Kit

Install The 36-LED RGB Front-Rear Wheel Kit 162-LED Kit


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