Each Product that is shipped has detailed Installation Instructions included with the Product. Follow the Installation Instructions and I am sure you will be very happy with the results. In the event you have questions about the installation please contact me, I am always happy to help. I am always available to help you with your installation. I have done thousands of installs and hope to do many thousands more. My name is Joe, I am the owner of the company and I am here for you… You have a question about one of my kits, need help with the installation just give me a call (numbers below).  If you call me too early or too late I will let you know. Use your own judgment. I am on East Coast Time. I thank you for considering the purchase of one of my kits. All I can say is you will receive one of the best Motorcycle LED Accent Light Kits in the industry and the only kit that carries a REAL Life-Time Guarantee. Yes, that’s good for as long as you own it. Follow my Installation Instructions and you will be proud of the end results. And never forget if you have a question, need help with the installation just give me a call.

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