How I got started in the Motorcycle LED Accent Light business…

My wife and I have always been “into” motorcycles and some eighteen (18) years ago, I purchased online a LED Accent Light Kit to install on my wife’s bike.  As I was installing the Kit I felt that it was very cheaply made and considering I paid a lot of money for the Kit I felt I got ripped off. So being the curious person that I am I starting investigating LEDs and Motorcycle LED Accent Light Kits. I spent many weeks and hundreds of hours on the internet sending e-mails to factories all around the world requesting samples of various LED products. During my quest, I met one person on the internet that was very helpful. He was the owner of a LED factory in China and he was very helpful and happy to make any item that I requested. He and I developed an outstanding relationship on the internet. He became the leading supplier of all my LED products that I have been selling for the past many years.

My success is my association with his quality factory. I am well aware that it normally does not happen like this, meeting a stranger on the internet, but that is how it happened. My wife and I had the opportunity some years ago to visit with him and his wonderful family in China. We had a great time together and became more than just business associates; we became friends.

Almost six years ago, I sold that first company I started more than ten (10) years earlier and now I am ready to start again. Under the name “Motorcycle LED Biker Lights” I am placing on the market the best quality in Motorcycle LED Accent Lighting with a Real Life-Time Warranty at a very competitive price.   I am bringing back the way I did business by providing “Customer Service that is Second to None” with a motto that “the Customer is always right all the time”. My “Real Life-Time Warranty” is very simple “If a product is not working return it and I will replace it”. Yes, it is replaced without question. Yes, ALL my products have a lifetime guarantee for as long as you own the product. Again, No Questions Asked.

I have sold on the internet thousands and thousands of Motorcycle LED Accent Light Kits, and I am here to do it again. Look for my “Smokin’ Eagle” logo it stands for quality at a lower price with the best customer service in the marketplace. 

Give me a call I would love to talk to you about what makes my products so much better than all the rest.

I enjoy what I do and hope, God willing, to keep doing this business for a long, long time.

Again, thanks and if there is anything you need or any comment you wish to make please contact me at joe@ledaccentlights.comOr call me at 561-319-7300 or toll free at 855-9-NIGHT-9 (855-964-4489) or 833-9-LIGHT-9 (833-954-4489)

Regards, Joe…