Guaranteed for Life? Yes, all my products… Are Guaranteed for Life… That is still hard to believe that a product installed on a motorcycle can be Guaranteed by the Seller for a Life-Time.  Well, it’s a fact, I indeed Guarantee for Life all the products of I have worked with this product for several years, I know the Quality of this product and I know how long it will last even in horrible conditions on a motorcycle in the worst of weather. I give a Life-Time Guarantee to the Buyer of this product. This is my personal commitment to the original Buyer of any product from that I, the owner, will Guarantee to the original Buyer that all products will be free from defect and workmanship for as long as the original Buyer owns the product. This is a no-nonsense Life-Time Warranty.

The procedure to process a Warranty Return is detailed as follows: If any of my products become defective, a LED is burnt out, or something is just plain old not working, to process a claim all you must do is call me and request a Warranty Return Authorization Number (WRA#). If I cannot solve the problem over the phone I will give you the WRA Number. You will then proceed to return the part in question to the address below. Pack your Return securely in a cardboard shipping carton. Mark the WRA# on the outside of the cardboard shipping carton next to the shipping label. Address your return to the address below. Please enclose your name, address, phone number and with the approximate date of purchase along with a  note describing the defective item. Please keep the TRACKING NUMBER of this package so you are able to track the date I receive your package.  Once your returned item is received and inspected a new replacement item will be shipped free of charge to you.
This Warranty does not cover any product that is damaged due to collisions. Also, does not cover items missing due to vandalism.  And please understand you must be the original Buyer with the Kit installed on the original motorcycle. If this was a gift to you please include the name and contact information of the original BUYER… 

Motorcycle Night Lights
514 S 4th Street, Unit C,
Fernandina Beach, FL 32034


One of the most important aspects of the way I do business is providing “Legendary Customer Service that is Second to None”. And even in this day and age, I STILL have a motto that “the Customer is always right all of the time”. Normally, if you call between the hours of 8am and 9pm I will answer the phone myself and provide you with that "Second to None style of Customer Service". I will not let you down... I know what it is like when I buy something on the internet and can not get a response when I need them. So, if you have a question about a product, an installation question, or just a general comment give me a call... I am here... In the event any of my products become defective, a LED is burnt out, or something is just plain old not working, I request you to call me explaining the problem. If I can not solve the problem over the phone I will request you return the item in question. Once I receive the return I will send you a replacement for the item returned. Yes, it is replaced without question. All my products have a Lifetime Guarantee for as long as you own the product. Again No Questions Asked.


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